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You’re in charge

When we push to our edge, our limit, it often results in some tweaks. I think it’s almost inevitable that at some point we end up with some form of bodily strain when we see how far we can go. I know that I have to be aware of my shoulder and hip, it’s just part of climbing and exploring my boundaries.

Rock Climbing

And I was turning these ideas over with friends, strategies of how to keep well and functioning, and it seemed to come down to this.

Because your shoes cost you $300 doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the right fit.

We have to keep learning and unfolding what it is that we need, what it is that we have to do to keep us going. So you read all you can, on bare foot and diet and yoga and swimming, or whatever it is that you are drawn to. And then, you check in with yourself and find out what works and the changes that you know you have to make.

Because in the end it’s up to you, we all have to take responsibility for ourselves, for our health and especially for our life. I’m sure it’s not a good bet to leave it in the hands of another; it’s just to much of a gamble and unlikely to pay off.

Of course finding experts that help, support and guide you on your way is essential.

But ultimately it’s up to you, you’re in charge.




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