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Your National Day

Sometimes I think our modern world is just too full. Stop the world, I want off. Remember those park equipments that spun you around till it spat you off? Are we on the giant spinner? I know, the old days really weren’t any better, but I do miss those Sundays when everything was shut, just for one day.

Is it possible we could have that moment again and do nothing? Yes, a Sunday can be full, but I’m talking about one day when the shops just shut. Chances are we’d be OK. While we’re at it let’s shut down power plants, just for the day, it’s good for the planet and would leave us free from toxic levels of bad TV. I’m joking of course, though it’s worth a thought.

While we try not to miss anything are we really missing something; that sweet beautiful nothing? No moments just to be.

I don’t think you should stop growing or going for what it is you want in life, but maybe we need a national day of ‘I’m finally enough’, and celebrate all that we have already achieved. If not, are we in danger of never getting there?

I’m ‘just enough’ day; a day to achieve nothing. I like it.

Here’s to you, and your day.

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