and make the ordinary extraordinary

Your Life as a Myth


Superheros. Photo by B.K Dewey

Mythology is not just a story; mythology is your story, the one going on in and around you, all of the time.

It’s your story, of hero and villain, as they exist inside of you. A path of who you are and who it is you’ll be.

Mythology maps your journey from lost to free.

All heroes’ journeys begin ordinary until one day you are challenged to step up, to make a change, to stand and live extraordinarily.

For all of us it’s different, but we will all risk something as we leap into the unknown.

It’s the vision of yours that will change the way we see. It’s the voice that you have that has never been heard. It’s the power that you feel that resides deep down inside. It’s that places that you’re drawn that keeps calling you back.

And we wait for another to finally pick it up, but they won’t, because you my friend are the hero of this tale, this is that story that has been thrust onto you.

Without myth you may miss who you are.

Without myth you may miss your story.

Without myth you may tell another tale, one that’s a lot less interesting, to you!

And as it is with all heroic tales:

Now you must choose.

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