and make the ordinary extraordinary

You were not made to work 9 to 5! Really!

It didn’t work at school and it doesn’t work now.

Why 9 to 5? Why not 9 to 11am, or 9 to 11pm for that matter if it does it for you. But it doesn’t.

Sure you can do it! The human resilience to do what it completely hates is unprecedented and worthy of David Attenborough’s detailed attention. But stand well back, the system will do it’s best to pull you in, like a black hole, it’s intriguing but get into its gravitational pull and…..Or like a drug: at first it looks like a bit of harmless fun, then suddenly you’re hook and it’s eating you up.

Lets face it, lets get real about this, you’re not a cog, you never were! Doing the mundane over and over again never really worked. Yes, you can do it, for the rest of your life, if you have to. But that’s broken, it no longer works. You’re holding up a system that long ago passed; it’s out of date milk and you’re drinking it up; you stand in the ashes carrying regardlessly on.

You get the picture!

So what is it that you really want?

You want to express yourself and do that work: that creative and inspired stuff  that now turns you on. Not what it was that they taught you at school.

But you forgot! We all did, they sucked us in. We thought we were doing what we were suppose to: be good and behave and it’ll work out alright.

But we were invited to dinner and we were the dessert! We played the good guest and they feed us the main, but that was were it ended.

Now your job, the real one, is to think and notice what’s really going on.  You have to wake up, because right now it’s not working, it’s gone to mush, but you know that.

The parrot’s officially dead!

Sad but true.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it needs to be said.

Cancel the party!

This dinners not for you.

Now that you’re awake……………….


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