and make the ordinary extraordinary

You know what feels good, and you know what does not!

You know that a glass of wine can relax you, and that 10 litreswill not.
You know that the occasional coffee with a friend is a treat, and that 10 a day is not.
You know that a square of chocolate can finish a meal, but a block will finish you off.
You know, no-one need tell you, and that’s the trick.
Research is constantly changing: drink more, drink less, eat more, eat less, live more, live less. It’s good to keep abreast of the current trends, but in the end it’s down to you.
It’s you who knows what feels right and wrong. Don’t wait for the man in the great white coat to tell you that you shouldn’t smoke or……
Don’t wait to be told, because it may just be too late and you have no time to waste.
Rather, get creating, and build that life, the one that you have always wanted, the one no one can tell you about.

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