and make the ordinary extraordinary

You have to design it.

Design your life.
As I pack my gear for climbing I notice how much work it takes: I organize a friend, check the gear, repack it, load the car, and get up at five in the morning to get as much time on the rock as possible. And, a great time is had by all.
But I notice in my day-to-day life a tendency to think that things will just happen, that it will all fall into my lap. I know, this is insane, and the theory hasn’t worked in the past and I’m pretty sure is unlikely to work in the future, sometimes we’re not rational beings.
And then I wake up and realize that life is like climbing; that if I want it I have to design it and create the life that I want, the one that I’m interested in.
You end up getting what you’re given, and that’s not worth the risk.
Creating the life that you want before you get the one that you’re given!

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