and make the ordinary extraordinary

World Shifter

Behind our lives there’s another. You’re living this one, that’s fine, but at times your rhythm’s just out. Sure, this is the one you’ve been playing but behind you there’s another stalking you. It’s a parallel world slightly to your left.

That’s why we like radicals; they’re running parallel, achieving just what we thought we couldn’t. You know the feeling, you’re almost there but you just don’t nail it. They suddenly appear from nowhere like a character from a dream, and make it real.

When someone steps out from the edge with a focused intent and pulls it off, it takes the whole game to a new level. It’s the whole four minute mile thing. Before that it sat on the other side of the universe in myth and legend. It could always be done, it just needed a radical to blaze the way.

I’m struggling with this climb, it’s just getting me and spitting me off. From the distance approaches a creature with alien strength, and nails it first time. Why didn’t I see it? Suddenly I’m in the presence of greatness, something just changed and the world shifted; my world. It was always there, I was just missing it.

It’s a world shift, nothing remains the same.

Suddenly you realise that the way it’s done, is done!

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