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Working with Nature

I got this one, it’s big and it’s simple, but it took me a while.

You see, I believe in nature. I feel you get a better outcome if you follow it. But what to do when grass is lapping at your door? Leave it and let nature run its course? At times it seems that nature is creating chaos to our order; leave your house for fifty years and there’s not much left.

So I struggled with the question, “are you with us or against”, or is there another way.
Then I got it, a gift from a friend. The best things are like that, you know them, they’re just hiding in the back cupboard of your brain, and you just need someone to open the door. 
And so I awoke, “I am nature, and so are you”. We’re not aliens from another planet; we too play our part in this dance, no less than an apple. World traditions have lived with this fact, it’s built into their culture, but for many of us we fell to the illusion of separateness and lost our relationship to the Devine. 
Now we’re waking up to play our role. Follow your nature, that’s the way to success. It’s easier and you don’t have to push so much. In fact, there may not be much else to do.
And me, I’m off to mow the lawn and discover my own little piece of nature.   
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