and make the ordinary extraordinary

Where does your passion lie?

I’ve been thinking about the importance of that question: “What is it that I wish to put my all into?” Reinventing it in a style that is completely “me”, while trusting that the way I’m moved is the thing to follow.

It’s good to learn from others, but at some point we have to grab it and make it our own.
And summed up in a two-part formula:
1. What is it I want to master in this life. What is it that I want to leave behind? What is it that I want to throw my all into that will leave a piece of me within it?
2. How do I take all the teaching that are out there in whatever I’m interested in, learning from them, dropping them and eventually making them my own. Finally following and trusting all the inner signals that guide me as I walk an unknown path.  
Faithfully knowing, that in the end the experience is the ultimate teacher.
So that’s it, a little something that I’ve been thinking about.

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