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When did we stop chasing the sun?

It seemed easy to fit in and do what was right. To play by the rules and do what we were told. But it is never that easy and it’s certainly never right.

In a dream I’m chasing the sun, to see it as it sets over a blue volcanic lake. Mysteriously on the way I meet protective beetles that live in the fruit that’s scattered on the ground. Then I’m off again to continue my race to where the sun ends its day.

And as all good dreams do it shook me awake. Because that’s the job of the dream, to shake up the way that everything was. And it did as I asked, “when did I forget to race for the sun”?

At some point we traded the sacred for the 6pm news. We traded our passion for the guarantee of making rent. We traded change for what we already knew. And we traded our nature to ensure we’d fit in.

But the truth of it is that we are sensual beings that need to feel fully alive. If too much of us is spent doing what we are not meant to do, then our pleasure is lost to a perceived safer side of life. But the safety’s a myth when you’re not really alive.

Especially when you were made to chase the sun!

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