and make the ordinary extraordinary

What’s the best exercise?


The best exercise? That’s the exercise you’ll do, the exercise that isn’t exercise at all, but rather an extension of who it is you are.

I’m not personally into gyms, it’s not that I feel there’s anything immoral about them, they’re just not for me.  Where my interest lies is within the less structured, less conventional, and for me more free.

Sure, I can be found with friends heaving myself desperately over a parallel bar at our Monday night gymnastic class, and I can be spotted loitering at our local climbing wall on a Friday night, there’s structure in that and I love it.  But there’s other stuff as well, stuff that gets my attention, that I’m playing with, that makes me feel free; “Free Training”.

So, what’s that “Free Training” stuff? I hear you ask. And no, it’s not a financial thing, though it will cost you a lot less than a membership to a gym.

What it is is a mindset that says how do I use nature and my surroundings to facilitate me, to keep me fit, and have the most fun I possibly can? It’s long runs, short runs, fast runs and slow runs. It’s climbing a rock, it’s chin-ups on a tree, (the branch simulates a perfect sloping hold essential for climbing training). It’s push-ups and handstands all mixed in. It’s a set of monkey bars perfectly built to increase your abdominal strength, not just for kids!

The old model said, “We’ll tell you what to do and how to get fit”. But you can remember long before that voice. When we were kids we ran and chased until the sun finally set and sometimes into the dark. It wasn’t exercise, it was fun.

Now we can take it all back and set our own rules. Nature has always invited you to play. Now you’re running a path and suddenly discover two boulders that were created for you and your upper body dips.

I remember first watching those Parkour guys, (those outdoor gymnast types) and I got it: You need nothing more than the world that we live and the desire to step out and choose to join in. At that point your only barrier to physical expression becomes the boundaries of your imagination and your need to fit in.

So take care, be safe, checkin with your body to make sure that it works. No damage allowed. If in doubt checkin with someone who knows.

But most of all make it fun, get creative, mix it up and reinvent the way it works and make your world your gym!

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