and make the ordinary extraordinary

What will you do today?

At times we awaken and passively pass through our lives. Nothing changes as life reflects art and we enter “Ground Hog Day”. The undertaking at this point needs to shift and move towards where we wish to go and away from that which no longer works.

And we ask: Where is it that I will spend my time, where do I put my energy and where do I place my heart?

Because it worked in the past doesn’t mean that it’s still working now. We forgot our “why?” and carried manually on.

And as I watch Good Life Project I’m reminded of which direction to go.

We all need to do what has to be done, but where we arrive is dramatically influenced by our actions today, and those actions need to be imbued with something that’s outside our norm.

Find your rhythm, the one that plays inside of you, and ask how will I do it today, and then, keep on going.


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