and make the ordinary extraordinary

What is your purpose?

For many of us purpose is a foreign concept, we spend our days endlessly ‘doing-the-do’ as we generate an eternal cycle of purposelessness.

And that needs to stop.

Because your purpose in life is simple: Your purpose is to ruthlessly pursue who it is that you are. That’s it, full stop, nothing more, nothing less.

Along the way you’ll work out the details: what you do and where you fit. But first and foremost it’s you that needs to appear, the rest will sort itself out.

You have to be honest, with yourself, and know what turns you on and what turns you off. Even if it’s impossible to change your present situation being honest will allow you the opportunity to get off at the next available stop.

And yes, your demons will arise and tell you why it won’t work and to get back in your box. But your demons are the price of admission to the purposeful game. The first and greatest hurdle you will ever have to jump is that of your own inner critic.

Ultimately you are here to imbue your life with meaning and purpose as you make it your own.

So go ahead and give yourself permission to ask, constantly, who am I now, ‘deeply’, what do I want, ‘deeply’, and what turns me on, ‘deeply’?

And go follow that!




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