and make the ordinary extraordinary

What is it for?

Question Mark photo by BAMCorp

Initially we asked “why?” but then we stopped. It’s important. Without it we’re left doing what we have always done, what was handed down. It probably didn’t work for them and it definitely doesn’t work for us. At some point someone has to ask, “ what is it for, why are we doing it”?

We went to school and were told that if we worked really hard that it would all pay off, but that isn’t necessarily true. What they forgot to mention was that we need our own: passion, expertise and selves, not only the ability to memorise, if we are to solve life’s difficult tasks.

And as health care cost continue to grow and our toxic levels continue to rise as we add more and more medicines to our daily regime, the side effects continue to climb and our quality of life continues to decline. Finding health care that treats us before there’s a problem will sit at the forefront of future health care.

And a governmental shift that brings eldership and service to the political game, business models where making a difference trumps a purely profit driven path.

In the end it’s the artist in us that separates us from the machine.

If it no longer works, what is it for?

If new solutions are needed for difficult problems, then we have to ask: what is this for.

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