and make the ordinary extraordinary

What if you Brought all of Yourself to Dinner?

There’s always someone better than us when we put our individual components under the microscope.
There’s better climbers than me, lots better, a lot better slackliners, most gymnasts would find my level of competence ridiculous, most mountain bikers would see me coming in a few hours later, some acupuncturist understanding of neuroscience leaves me with my mouth open, there’s better writers whose structure is always right, better dancers who’s moves don’t raise a smirk and those that have lived wilder lives than mine.
Get too up-close and focused on the fine details and you can end up feeling a little less.
But then:
You can pan on out and take another look as you combine it all altogether: I know no other acupuncturist, speaker, writer, climber, slackliner, mushroom drinker, herb eater (medicinal that is), wild at hearter, inner worker, childhood adventurer, tree climbing, passion freaking, life designer, like myself, anywhere, and I’m only getting started. That combination is just too hard to find, I don’t even know how I found it, and it’s certainly not replicable. It’s just not a franchise model.
When you put all your stuff together, all the accumulated bits that have been gathered over your life, what you get is gold. In isolation it’s a note but together it’s a song. Gather it up over a lifetime and you have your self a tune, one that has never before been played.
Your gift is not your secluded parts; it’s all of you that you bring. Suddenly you’ve got yourself something remarkable, a freight train that just won’t stop.
Now what’s left is to get on with the stuff that matters, the stuff that means something, to you. Now you get to bring all of you to the table. 
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