and make the ordinary extraordinary

What climbing taught me about life.

rock climbingAt times when I’m  rock climbing I can find myself arriving at a point on a route where I’m tired, due to the fact that I’m half way up a cliff, and I reach for the next hold and hope like hell that that isn’t it, that there’s going to be something more under my fingers than the five millimetres that  it offers.

So I hang around for a while and try to discover if something bigger exists. I hope like crazy that something better might magically appear and give me that little extra leverage that I so desperately desire. But the truth is that I’m all out of options, the move is the move and I have to go now or else I’ll end up sailing away towards the fast approaching earth. So I grab it, that hold, and pull and drag and scream it down to my waist with all of my might, and just a little bit more. And it works or it doesn’t.

But that’s life.

Sometime you see the move that has to be made but you procrastinate around the edges hoping for something easier to appear. But generally it wont. There’s no other way out, that’s the move that at some point you know you will have to make.  You’re going to have to grab it with all of your courage and tussle with what has to be done. At some point self pity will no longer serve,  hang around any longer and you’re guaranteed to fall.

Will you succeed when you pull with all of your might? I haven’t a clue. But I do know that you’ll learn something new and exciting and interesting about you as you take that moment and do what it is that you know has to be done.

Good luck!

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