and make the ordinary extraordinary

We’re all different, judge cautiously

I knew we were weird, it’s obvious I know.  So why then if we are all so different do we invest so much of our time in being the same, in an attempt to fit in?

Did we let the judge out of the bag?

Judge others at your own peril, it’s a path fraught with danger, proceed cautiously; not only because it can be a lousy thing to do, but because the judge can dominate within as its authority scrutinizes and polices your every minute move. Judge another and you too judge yourself: “I would never look like that, they look like a fool”. And so we don’t, rather, we keep things the way that they were, refusing to explore to the detriment of the diversity that lies within.

It’s troubling; we’re sensual beings that need to experience our life in our own unique way, and that requires the permission to explore and discover what it is that draws us in.

Judge others cautiously, because your judge is also watching you.

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