and make the ordinary extraordinary

Wealth from the inside out

At some point we have to check out our account balance. You want to balance the books, your energy books, and find out where your reserves are at. Expel too much without enough in return and you’ll find yourself in the negative zone, and everything becomes a chore.
A big part of the problem comes when the day-to-day necessities of survival takes over and we ignore our inner radar that screams for change. As, “it’ll never work, you’re not talented enough, you’ll go broke, that’s weird or you’ll die”, compete for the domination of your beliefs. But another voice patiently whispers from a distant place to awaken the leap of faith. A calling that has followed you throughout your life.  
As a child I was called to nature, playing, climbing, walking, exploring, living. And later I was attracted to the state I found in acupuncture, a sense of peace that somehow seemed more akin to my natural state. And today I find teachings in dreams and the dream like nature of our everyday lives that call me to adventures anew.
But I think we are all called, as we struggle to balance the mundane with the immensity of who it is that we really are. I’m not saying you should throw your daily needs away, though you might, that’s up to you, but rather that the calling in the shadows, those things that you notice ignite your spark are valuable and need your intent. It’s a momentary check-in on how your accounts returning. It’s more than financial, it’s your life, and it’s important.
Because at some point we have to discover what it is that makes us rich.
Because wealth has to happen on the inside too!

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