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We don’t see the world exactly the same

I don’t see the world like others do. Literally. You see I have a mild form of colour blindness. It’s strange because if you tell me the colour it immediately opens up for me and I see it.

My son yells out to me that there are seven shades of autumn. Of course he is right but he’s just turned two and I’m half within a dream. It’s a reminder for me when I forget how things really are. We all live in shades not one static world.

And here’s the thing: I use to fight it and try to fit in. I wanted to be good and get it all right. So I’d get others to check that the photo worked or the shirt didn’t clash. Then something changed. Then I began to work with it and believe in my sight.


Because it’s a gift, my gift, I won’t see the world like others ever do, I never will. Why push against it when I can use it for good and live a life fully in my world. There is no other choice when your lens is adjusted this way.

But that’s all of us. None of us really see the world exactly the same.

So why try. Don’t apologies. Embrace your shade and get on with living your life from your own point of view. It’s always a better colour.

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