and make the ordinary extraordinary

An unmeasured you

We live in a world where measurement is everything. We measure genes and income and glycemic index to find out how it is that we are. Now you can go for a run, measure your distance, your speed and your hill climbs all the while sharing the data with your friends. And it can be incredibly helpful: next time you can go out you can try and smash your personal best (I may be guilty). But that’s only half of the game.


As you check-in with that thing strapped to your arm you can forget to check in with that thing called you. Today may not be the day for a personal best. Today may be the day for a creative little jaunt. You start your day with a record-making attempt but realize early on that it’s a run, walk, stretchathon as you take in the surrounding view. Today may be the day to spend completely with you.


Some things can be measured and need to be, but some of the best things in life just can’t.


And some days you just need to spend time with that unmeasured you.

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