and make the ordinary extraordinary

Turn it off!

I switched our TV on for the first time in a while to see what it was that it had to say, and as I observed I realised how important it is in fact to switch it off.

Because something interesting happens when we turn it off, along with our computers and media infused devices: Instantly the marketing stops and we’re no longer told who we are or who we should be. The noise is gone and we’re left alone challenged to think for ourselves.

Now we get to notice where it is that we wish to go.

And if in the future they want us back, those marketing powers in TV land, then they’re going to have to change and start telling us a different tale, one that matters, one that we care about, one that fits with who it is that we are. Because the old style is dead and we’re switching off.

So unplug and rewrite!

Because it’s not working!!!!!!

Not the way it is.

But you know that.

And here’s an old classic, enjoy!

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