and make the ordinary extraordinary


All the rational stuff’s important. It’s good to know that you’re sitting on a bus or dancing at a disco, it helps when you decide that it’s time to find your way home.

But there’s the other side, it’s important too. It’s what makes it all interesting, it’s the home of the acupuncturist, the abyss that we crave and I reckon the whole game. It’s why we take a holiday, drink alcohol or watch that show, the one that does absolutely nothing for us but we stay up till midnight and regret in the morning. Maybe it’s why we have addictions in the first place?

And it’s a factor in the big disease happening out there right now and no it’s not cancer or heart disease, though rest assure they’re happening. No this one’s under diagnosed, a tricky one to treat and hard to measure, but if you’ve got it, you know it no matter what any specialist tells you. Yes it’s real and you may be living or should I say surviving with it. The winner is fatigue, forget the survival shows, you’re in it.

Nutritional stuff’s important, you have to get that right, but here’s the other gear and as an acupuncturist we nail it as well as any and better than most.

The cure, well part of it anyway is our timeless self, when we forget where we are, who we are and what it is that we’re supposed to be doing. For a moment we drop all the responsibilities and bam you’re timeless. It’s a state and you need to grab a bit of it however you can.

Mostly we’re too switched on. That’s the reason we book that holiday; finally we can escape ourselves and get back home!

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