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Time for a Radical Shift

I was thinking about change and what it really means. It seems to me that it isn’t always as simple as a decision. I noticed in my own life that change can become a struggle between desires and fears as the battle inside endures.

And then, as I was walking, I got it.

Sometimes you’re trying desperately to change but you’re still holding on to who it was that you were, and it’s not really working particularly well. In fact it will never really work particularly well.

At some point, if change is what you really want, then you’re going to have to make a radical shift, because it’s going to take nothing less. You’re going to have to change the way that you assemble the world, the way you view it and put it all together. And ultimately, you’re going to have to change the way that you assemble ‘you’. This time it’s going to take a total deconstruction and rebuild of who it is that you are.

Because the crux of the matter, if things are going to change, and I mean really change, then you’re going to have to drop who it is that you think that you are and become who it is that is bubbling up on the inside.

And no, it’s not that I think that the old you is bad or worthless or unnecessary, in fact I know that the old you is full of parts that have been needed and valuable and generous and positive. But in this new area of your life, this area that you want so fiercely to change, being generous to the old you isn’t going to get you to where it is that you’re wanting to go. Because holding onto the old you won’t cut it no more, and just trying to change will never get you there.

No, what is needed is a radical, ruthless change of who it is that you are. Because otherwise you’ll just keep rebuilding who it is that you were, the way that it was, even though it no longer works.

A few points to help get you there:

1. To reassemble your world you’re going to have to become who it is that your not. Not yet anyway. You may even have to be some of those parts that you don’t even like. For example: those people who are selfish and get on your nerves. They will teach you all you need to know when it comes to making it all about you, as they model it better than you have ever done.

2. You’re going to have to tread carefully and care less about what others may think, because they’re thoughts may be from the past and keeping things the way that they were. They may unconsciously put you into the box of who they thought that you were. It may be that they loved who you were and don’t want to let anything go or for anything to change.

3. You’re going to have to drop the person that you identify as, because it’s holding you back from who it is that you’ll be.

4. And you’re going to have to find who it is you’re going to become, those parts of you that are calling for you to finally arise, because that’s what it’ll take to get you to the person that you really want to be.

It’s always been in you, the one you search for, it’s just that it’s never had a chance as it has been held back by who you thought you should be. It isn’t a change in your settings that you need, it a change in you that will let everything change.

And it’s bubbling up to finally be seen, in your dreams and your desires, because right now it’s all that really matters.

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