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Time for a Crisis?

A crisis may just be the medicine that you were looking for. I’m not negating your experience, it may be painful, I’m sensitive to that, but it’s interesting that we rarely change without a push, a crisis.
Environmental, economic, political, life, whatever your crisis, it can hold the pattern of change. Maybe that shiny red sports car symbolises more fun, that working eighteen hours a day doesn’t quite work anymore. Perhaps the financial system can’t function long term based on debt and greed. Will we be pushed to new renewable energies if oil runs out or its price competes with gold?
It’s interesting to see that banks are going back to more tellers, more direct customer service, focusing on individual needs rather than a one fit model. They may be finally realising that their business needs a people centred model rather than a profit based approach if they are to create sustainable growth.
You see they have no choice, our options are growing. Even the big guys have a crisis!
So next time you or I are in a crisis it may be helpful to remember that this may be the moment we were looking for, that within the chaos is the seed of opportunity, that the old may die, but the new will grow and blossom.
Who wouldn’t want a crisis?
Good luck, see you on the other side.
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