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Those things your grandfather taught you

I was remembering something that my grandfather once said that for some reason stuck, “It’s good being old, you can be rude and get away with it”.
In actual fact he wasn’t rude at all, well generally, but as rudeness is in the eye of the beholder I guess none of us can really say. But as I tick off another birthday his words resonate with new meaning beyond the confusion that I felt as a ten-year-old.
Now being rude doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to insult everyone I come into contact with, treating another with respect, tolerance and caring seems to be more essential than ever.
But hopefully growing older allows me to become less attached to the world and care a little less for another’s thoughts as I awaken to the fact that I may not be around as long as I first thought, that being forever; then priorities begin to change.
It’s not that I’ve had a bad diagnosis, its just life, its terminal, and I’m on a quick car to the second half. That’s the sharp end when the important stuff matters.
Sure, like most of us I was trained to be polite and I appreciate this, I really do, it’s an asset in my bag and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but sometimes I’m left trapped without the key to a cage that I just didn’t build.
Now the important stuff begins, the stuff that I’m interested in, the stuff that may make you think that I’m losing my mind, actually I’ve questioned that myself, but it’s the stuff that I have to do, the stuff that screams to me, the stuff that’s switching me on, and the stuff that’s too important to care what another may say.
All the great change makers at some point have been rude to someone. If we want to challenge the status quo we’re sure to piss someone off. And that includes ourselves as we try to hold together what no longer works. I can drive myself mad.
It’s not personal it’s just crucial. 
And now?
Now there’s no time left.
Now it’s time to change the world.
Now it’s time to change my world.
Thanks Pop.
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