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The Things we Need to Do

I had an interesting experience:
As a family we were sitting around talking about what we would like to change, what it was that we felt we needed. My two eldest boys, nine and seven, could freely communicate exactly what it was they hoped for. Then it was my turn, I froze and couldn’t think of anything, I was shocked when they caught me in a clueless moment. Left blank I could do nothing but laugh. They seemed to like that.
It’s interesting when you ask a child what they would like for Christmas; they generally have no problems creating a list three foot long. They rarely battle with worthiness or struggle with the financial implication of their choices; they just know exactly what it is that gives them the most amount of fun possible.
When our eldest son was six, he was definite about his need for a multimillion-dollar boat, while he didn’t get it, it did make me think. I’m not saying that you should bend to their every wishes, it’s important that they learn patience, delayed gratification and all that stuff too, but this isn’t about them, they know what they want, they’re sorted, no this is about us, we adults as we ask what turns us on, what is it that we want, what moves us in the direction that makes life the most interesting possible? It’s a terrify moment when you awaken to the fact that you haven’t a clue where you are or how you got there. Suddenly the warning bell ring and you have to drop a paradigm that no longer fits.
And so we are encourage to get what we haven’t quite got. In a moment my kids became my teachers, as children so readily can, thanks boys, challenging me to find, discover and live the most interesting life possible. It’s best to facilitate what genuinely feels good and move away from what brings us down. Yes, you need the practical stuff too, but if we ignore our joy filter everything seems to go out of whack as life becomes dull and mundane. At some point we have to turn one- eighty degrees and follow the only compass that we have, our hearts, our courage, our trust and our intuition. In the end we have no choice, it’s what we’re here to do.
And we can’t let the kids have all the fun.
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