and make the ordinary extraordinary

The Things That Make us Feel Amazing

On the weekend I went for a swim. Sure, it was a little cold, OK it was a lot cold, but it was the one thing that I had to do.
Because it was fresh water, because it was in the most beautiful spot ever, because it was there, but most of all, because it felt amazing!
Yes, initially it was a little painful, but every time I got out I knew that I had made the best decision I could have possibly made because the experience just made my life better.
And I was thinking, we all need adventure, especially when life becomes a little mundane. At that point only something radical will do.
It need not be jumping into a freezing river, or it might (I highly recommend it), that ones up to you.
Nevertheless, at some point we have to decide what it is that turns us on, the things that are right for us, the things that make people wonder ‘have we finally lost our mind’, the things that make our life one great adventure.
Those things that make us feel amazing.
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