and make the ordinary extraordinary

The Road to Oz

We’re all on that road, the road to Oz, The Wonderful Wizard of OZ, because of the wonderful things he does. But ultimately Oz won’t fix anything; it isn’t his job. It’s the journey that reveals it all. It’s always been the road that creates the story. It’s why road trips are so popular. Oz’s only real task is to frame our journey and help us unfold who it is that we really are.

No one else will fix it; the yellow brick road is all that we’ll need.

Once I thought that I would find my Oz, and that he would make everything right. Life threw its challenges and I thought, what is going on. When finally I met Oz they knew there was nothing to fix, it was my path.

If courage is what you seek the road will challenge you with fear. If a brain is required the road will make you think. And if a heart is your desire the opportunity for love will always appear.

And finally Oz will arrive to reveal Life’s side of hand: that all we were ever searching for was always hidden within.

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