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The Process of Mastery

It’s hard, that’s the thing about mastery, you have to start and initially you may not succeed. Because if it’s worth mastering it has to be hard, otherwise it’s something anyone could do.

I like this 3 minute video at the end of this post, not just because it has some funky climbing moves going on, but also because it says something about learning and the process of failure and success.

When we start something that we can hardly touch it seems impossible and takes loads of time. In climbing there’s an idea that if you’re not falling then you’re not going where it is that you can truly go.

So you keep going back to whatever it is that calls you, until one day suddenly out of the blue you make the move. Not the entire sequence, just a move, one that you previously could not. In an instant something changes and you realise that it may in fact be possible.

And you go back again and again and work the different sections until all the individual components are complete. Then the only thing left to do is link it and bring it all together.

It’s no different whether it’s sport, business or design, the process remains the same. You work all the small components until it’s time to open the doors and show your craft.

You know that it hasn’t always looked this way, it wasn’t always this easy, but now it is, now that you’ve Mastered it.

Hope you enjoy this video, notice how impossible it initially seems:


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