and make the ordinary extraordinary

The New Rich

I think Einstein nailed it and speaks to us as much today as he did in his time when he encouraged us with:

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”- Albert Einstein

I’m blown away with our new world and what we can learn; it’s the information age and it’s all there at our fingertips. Of course you have to go out and put it into practice, but you have a constant tutor at hand.
Sure if you want to practice medicine then go and do your time, YouTube is unlikely to cut it. But if it’s a cubby house you’re after, or a musical instrument you want to learn, or the latest in thought, well you’re away.
So what’s left?
The greatest gift is no longer knowledge, that’s a dime a dozen.  No, genius is now held in the realm of passion; with that you’ll root anything out, and then take it to another level.
The new currency’s passion and it’s returning like never before.
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