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The most interesting thing about change!

adventureHere’s the most interesting thing about change: it’s already happening, somewhere in your life.

Let me explain.

All the things that you desire, the big and the small are subtly happening. It’s how you know about them, it why you want to have more of them in your life. In a sense they run parallel to you, it’s why you can almost taste them.

For example: I always have this craving for adventure in my life, but the truth is I can’t help myself. Wherever we are I just tend to have to turn it into some kind of exploration. We’ll land in a town and I’m off for a run, or next thing we’re walking through the scrub or floating down a creek or hanging off a rock, even when we didn’t mean to. It’s always calling.

And it’s true whatever it is that you wish for more of, whether that’s more happiness, fun or  for that matter just more freedom.

If you were to ask your friends I bet that they’d see these things in you already, because like I said they’re happening already. From a distance they can be seen.

All we need do is fall into alignment  with this new direction, the one that fits.

Freedom for me is the calling card, the thing that I wish to feel. Everything else seems to come together when I’m in a free state. And it’s true, it’s already happening. Climbing is where everything else drops away, and it’s why I love being self employed, it puts things more on my own terms and allows me to be a contractor to the world. I get to choose. It’s already happening.

But like all of us I can feel trapped too. Trapped in being conventional, trappeded in playing it safe. And in many ways it allows me to have relationship with the free state, to tussle with it more as I go in and out of feeling trapped and feeling free.

So, what to do.

Heres a really quick five step exercise to help you get in touch with your other self:

1. Firstly it’s not all bad, being safe and living the life you have lived has also had it’s advantages, it’s why you’ve done it for so long, so firstly acknowledge all the benefits that you receive from being just who you are right now.

2. Notice the person you want to be, the person that interests and inspires you. You are going to notice it because it is always close by. You may see components of this figure in others. You may see others in the world and be envious of them. Remember, no one is perfect but they may have traces you would love to posses  They can keep their heart burn you just want the good stuff.

3. Drop your everyday self (like a meditation) just for a moment and become them, or that state that you first noticed. Find access to that person, place or thing for a moment and notice how it feels to be them/it, and notice how this could be more valuable to your everyday self. Spend a little time here and notice everything about it, how good it feels.

4. From this place look back to your everyday world and give your everyday self some advise. What would you want to ask this figure if you had the chance, take advantage of the meeting and let this part guide you.

5. Integrate this advise as much and as ruthlessly as you can into your life. Commit  to living more from this place.

Remember, you are almost there, sometimes you just need a little support to help you make the changes that you were almost making. Believe that these changes are important to you and the world, because they are.

Right, I’m off to become an eagle, see you in the sky!

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