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The Most Exciting Research Ever

It’s interesting the way we think. Recently while reading an article I became excited about the reporting of research that suggested a reduced calorie diet could reverse the markers of type 2 diabetes. Debate then ensued to whether this was a so-called cure or remission. Call it what you like, what is important is that the blood levels were back to normal.  
For a disease that has been seen as incurable and progressive (it’s only going to get worse) that can be reversed by something as simple as a change in diet is extraordinary.
But this type of change is not always embraced as the article concludes with hope that further research will lead to pharmaceutical cures.
While we seem to have the answer, if a medication produced these results it would be seen a revolution, the change becomes too difficult as we search for a result that means we need make minimal lifestyle changes.
If real healing is to occur perhaps it’ll take a revolution, one in which we choose the lives that we wish to live.
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