and make the ordinary extraordinary

The Last Bastion

Traditionally we lived among healers, medicine men, women and shamans who could look into our world and unfold our dreams, earth and nature.
At this point in time they may just have become an endangered species.
These days often the only help available to us is primarily focused on the world of everyday affairs.
That’s what’s interesting about temples, churches, nature, raves, and therapy or wherever it is that you find connection and peace, especially when those areas are tucked away as the last sanctuaries of the metropolis.
The city, symbolic of success, ego, money, drive and control of nature, still holds the ace that keeps the scales from tipping completely off their axis. Even the greatest of cities hide those parks, temples and churches, tucked away within the monoliths of corporate creativity. 
And then, we step within these hideaways and something changes as we are lifted above the everyday routine, arriving home.
And then, we step back into the rush of the everyday, but for a moment everything changed as we view the game detached from what is playing out before us.
Both sides when balanced are OK, but healing also need find this place of equilibrium. While whatever works, works, a model that forgets and relies on purely a chemical, mechanistic model may at some point tip the scales and leave us anything but healed. Side effects are still side effects.
At some point new thought needs to meet, mix and balance with the old; then we’ll have ourselves something remarkable.
Then we stand back and wait for the magic to begin.
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