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Teachings of Death

With the passing of my father I was deeply reminded of this:
Every time you think of a loved one who has passed becomes an opportunity to turn within to our deeper nature and unfold more of whom it is that we really are, whom it is that we are called to be. Miss this and you can end up empty, lost and depressed.
There’s a subtle world going on in and around us that can easily be forgotten. While we need to meet the day-to-day needs of existence, a life with only this can become mundane and lack texture. Endings reminded us that life is a double-sided coin that also requires the dreams and visions and poetry and play that our life has also to share; a life that is full of spirit.
In many ways the trauma becomes a reminder of who we really are and the importance of that life that we are drawn to live. A life that is eternally valuable, to us.

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