and make the ordinary extraordinary

Take your Bliss Seriously!

Joseph Campbell "Follow your bliss"Two roles exist, two ways of thinking that appeared in and around us:

One said, “focus on the future, where it is that you need to go, how it is that you need to get there and most of all take it all very seriously, because that’s the only way to get that long term satisfaction you desire”.

The other, “live for the moment, laugh a lot, make it fun, forget tomorrow, because life exists for momentary pleasure, we are sensual beings that need to experience and feel it now”.

And initially it seemed that two opposing ideas could never co-exist, two magnetic poles that would eternally repulse each other. But sometimes opposites attract, like the ends of those magnets, because each is what the other needs.

And that’s the life changer, the antidote. Both are in fact needed.

And nobody put it better or more simply than Joseph Campbell when he said, “Follow Your Bliss”.

Trust your joy and thrill and all those things that you are called to, and

Take your bliss seriously!



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