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Success: out with the old and in with the new

It use to be enough to be good, then we went global. 
At one point we all seemed to get caught in a franchise model as we were encouraged to systemise, standardise, replicate and mass produce ensuring that things were punched out in the factory format. That’s ok if it works, but for many of us we failed, monumentally, and were sent back to the drawing board to start the real work. Then it became time to create something original, something authentic and something extraordinary. From the rubble something new was born. 
The model didn’t work because it wasn’t meant to, and it’s better that way. Once you awaken to the fact that you’ve been operating an outdated style left over from the industrial revolution you can pick yourself up and get producing the real work, the important stuff; the work that only you can do! 
You see it doesn’t matter if you have a job or business, because for many of us we are our product. I know, we were all suppose to get the work off ourselves, but as soon as I realised what my product really was I stopped fighting and began doing the work that really mattered, the work that I was meant to do. Now, I may just have the best job on the planet and the time to explore where I can make the greatest difference.
 What you do may not be able to be replicated. For many of us our entire life has been in the development of our product, honing it, refining it, and that product is us. It just won’t replicate. You can’t knock out a revolution with a training manual and lunch. Try replicating a Van Gogh and you won’t get a lot for it, it’s not that valuable. They’re a one off, like you. That doesn’t mean you can’t get help, help’s essential, the last thing you want to be doing is the books at midnight, but the core remains with you.
I’m not anti the old style, I’m just interested in seeing those of us that have something of value to give, giving it, rewarded for it, and having a really interesting time of it.
Our work that was previously perceived as our shortcoming has flipped to become our edge. Thanks to technology our smallness has swung the game back in our favour. When you’re small you get to link in and avoid the separate isolation of the boardroom towel. We don’t really need the free cognac, the cost is too high. Value lies with the hero in the trench intuiting change before it happens.  Now the extraordinary can come to life. You can’t do that from the factory floor.
So ask yourself what your product is and if it is you then you have hit the jackpot, forget what you’ve been told. Security lies in your gifts. Don’t mine lead when you’ve found yourself gold because what you have is a possession with heart, and heart is what’s needed. 
If your art is more intuitive then it is less than likely to fit the old model, the power now resides with the tough leaders who live outside the square.
So go ahead and do your work, the work that you just have to do; the work that changes the world.
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