and make the ordinary extraordinary

Steps to change

In the dream I’m fasting. This is not a common event for me and so becomes interesting. As the dream continues I look to the sky and see many planes are flying. I begin to count them and am shocked by what is going on.
Out of the dream I’m working on this. That’s the way dreams work, they bring new information to old patterns; the shadows of our day.
It’s true, we are what we eat. If we’re full to the top on fat, meat and sugar we’re in for one of those days as our perceptions become clouded. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners have known about this for thousands of years calling it damp or phlegm and noticing how it has an effect of misting the mind.
Sometimes we have to clean it all out. 
There’s more going on than what we think and appropriate eating patterns may be the first step to flip us out of our foggy box.
How do we know when we’re trapped inside? We feel like a cog, our energy’s low and our passion is gone. Stimulants keep us alive and TV dulls our mind. At this point terror reigns and something has to change.
So turn off the box, get an apple and a book. Don’t wait for the government to fix up our lives, that’ll take far too long, if ever at all. No it’s us that must wake, later they’ll change dragged far behind.
So eat a little less and clear out your mind and fill your body with the best that you can. It’s clarity we’re after and feeling real good.
For me I have little choice, because my dreaming told me so.
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