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Sometimes what we need is a dream

You know, there are big questions and little questions. Like, what to have for dinner? That’s a little one. And, what career should I spend the rest of my life doing? That’s a big one. I know, just because you start out on a journey doesn’t necessarily mean that your path won’t fork, but I had a time in my life when which direction to take left me feeling more than a little stuck.
You see I had just started in one direction when another was placed before me. Do I finish the old or start with the new? There’s no easy answer as I talked myself in and out of twisted pros and cons.
Then I had a dream:
I’m standing upon a tower constructed of bamboo when I notice an old Chinese man staggering down a dusty road with his walking stick. Feeble as he first appears, he carries with him a wise cunning. He approaches my structure and vigorously begins to shake it until it comes crashing to the ground, me along with it. As I lie in the dust a smirk comes to his eye delivering me a moment of fear as I realize more is still to come. He walks over to me and places a large wide shallow bowl of green powdered herbs before me. Quickly he reaches into the powder and throws the herbs into my face.
With this I’m suddenly awoken from the dream and clearly know what to do next.
My path is acupuncture. Its ideas, theories and practices will send my worldview crashing to the ground and deliver out of the dust a new paradigm.
And that it did.
Sometimes we just can’t reason the answer out.
Sometimes what we need is a dream.
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