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Something new

It’s easy to do what you identify with.

The hard part comes when you start doing the stuff that you haven’t had the time to make yours; you’re still a beginner.

I’ve started adult gymnastics. Am I any good? Not particularly (maybe the critic got me), but more importantly, is it fun? Absolutely. But if you meet me and asked me what it is I do, it’s unlikely that I’ll respond, “Oh, I’m a gymnast”, not yet anyway.

Doing something new and putting it out to the world can be scary, even terrifying.

The world is full of critics, worst of all our own inner critics that eternally come out to play whenever we get into foreign territory.

So let’s slow it down, be kind, and start putting our new interests out there. (Pleased to meet you, I’m so glad you asked I’m actually a fantastic gymnast, would you like to see a forward roll?)

Find friends that support and believe in you and give you the time to develop new skills. Because it takes time!

Yes critics can have good advice, but for most of us they are just too dominant.

What we feed off when we are starting something new is praise, that’s the way to get over the beginners hump.

Yep, we all just want to be reminded that we are as fantastic as we first thought. And I reckon that’s OK. That’s the way to fight the critic.

Praise, praise and more praise… heap on a little extra praise for good measure.

Call me an attention seeker; it’s true, I love to be loved.

So here’s to new identities.

Here’s to something interesting and exciting.

And here’s to the critic having just a little less of a say!!

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