Fluorozone® Blue Premium Performance FKM

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Made with 100% virgin USA-made premium Fluoroelastomer FKM polymer. Blue in color to make it easily distinguishable from other materials, Fluorozone® Blue Premium Performance FKM exhibits resistance to a broad range of oils, fuels, lubricants and most mineral acids. Fluorozone® has very good resistance to many aliphatic hydrocarbon fluids that can dissolve many other types of rubber. Also available in Brown and Black.

Blue Fluorozone FKM Sheet, Extrusions and Molded products are available.
Conact us to learn more.

  • 66% Fluorine
  • Made in USA
  • No Regrind and No Recycled Materials
  • RoHS, REACH, & CA Prop 65 Compliant
  • FREE SHIPPING on Full Roll Orders
    (continental USA only - contact us for details)
  • Temperature Range: -20°F to +400°F
  • Roll Width: 36", 48"
    Roll Thickness: 1/64" - 1/4"
  • Molded Sheet Size: 36"x36", 48"x48"
    Molded Sheet Thickness: 1/4" - 4"
  • Trim: Untrimmed
  • Finish: Smooth
    (Nylon Fabric Finish also available)
  • Color: Blue
  • Minimum Purchase: 1 Roll
(Shore A ± 5)
Compound Compression Set
Methd B
Tensile (psi) Ultimate
Elongation (%)
Estimated Weight
Per Linear Foot
(1/8" x 36")
Typical Minimum Typical Minimum Typical
75 075F0240 45 1050 --- 200 --- 4.43 lb

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