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Sensual Living

It’s almost impossible to live sensually with your foot flat to the floor, I know, I tried.

Race around at break neck speed filling every moment of your day is a sure way to miss the experience, the experience of who it is that you really are.

Rather, something happens in the presence of slowness, suddenly you have time to discover what it is that turns you on, and avoid what it is that turns you off.

It’s a remarkable idea that your job, the real and only one that you’re here to do, is to discover who it is that you really are. And that my friends, comes about by sensual living: experiencing yourself and who it is that you really are and ruthlessly perusing it. That’s art and love and lust and poetry and dance and relationship and music and food and nature and architecture and sport and work, and all things you. Switch it off, your sensuality, and you just closed down the path to get you where it is that you need to go.

You know what you love and you know what you hate, but turn the pace up a gear and it’ll all mesh into one. You have to split it out, and get back to yourself, because that’s how it works. And that’s how you start to get back your thrill.

And I personally think that that, your thrill, may just be the most important thing that needs to occur. Period!

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