and make the ordinary extraordinary


Is your thinking in a rut?

It’s interesting to notice that we can all have a tendency to think that it’s all done, that things are static and will always stay the way they are. Looking out at the world it can seem fixed, believing ‘that’s the way it’s always been’. But just because someone, or a collective, decides that it worked well in 1955 doesn’t mean that it works today.

Obviously it’s not static, but a dynamic process, so why keep doing it if it no longer works?
I like the idea of change, of playing with ideas that facilitate new movements.

I guess it’s true that we all have a tendency to fear change (me too), but if it’s not working it’s not working, or at least could be done better. Occasionally a maverick comes forward that changes the world, the way we think, the way we operate.

Each of us can change our world, it’s been done before. It’s not as static as it may seem, but rather a creative process to bring value to life.

Change what doesn’t work in your life. Consistently work towards the extraordinary. It’s more fun that way!

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