and make the ordinary extraordinary

Remain sober!

“I came to this town to learn this.” For me an interesting thought.
This week, what will you learn, what will you be guided to, what will you master and where is it that you need to be?
This times it’s not a quick fix, because this is a calling.
Something inside of us is calling. I know this to be true. It’s subtle, so you need to remain aware. Drink if you like, but remain sober to the subtle experiences that are going on in and around you: that movie that touches you, the paragraph that inspires you, the project that plays with you, the people that interest you. It’s everywhere; it’s going on outside of you but it’s effects have their way on the inside as a switch is flicked. It’s the really interesting stuff, and it requires nothing less than your total undivided attention.
It’s a battle between ordinary and extraordinary. Live too long on the side of ordinary and illness, boredom and fatigue will enclose you. We’re all looking for the extraordinary, it’s why we drink or smoke or eat or whatever it is you do; we all want to feel alive. It’s ok to do whatever it is you’re doing, this isn’t a judgment call, the ordinary has it place too, but at some point something has to change and flip to the other side.
Essentially it’s a path of courage that requires your intent, focus and belief; that asks you to live the life that you were born to live.
The one that has always been calling.

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