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Redefining Cool

I know we all want to be rock stars, but were not. For most of us we’re in the service industry and that means service. And I think when it’s done well there is nothing cooler.

There is something great about a moment of human interaction when people who don’t know each other connect, then walk off into the sunset, probably never to see each other again.

Too often in this modern world it seems that just the opposite is the goal. The ability to be aloof and disconnected from the human experience has become the marker of success.

I think we’ve all had that experience of, “what’s wrong with me”, as the person serving us interacts with us like we’re a fly that’s fallen into their soup.

So I’ve created an affirmation to relate like crazy. You see I’m tired of waiting for the world to change, tired of playing cool myself as I don’t rock the boat. But this boat needs rocking and I’m tired of waiting for someone else to do it.

Of course there are inner figures that say, “just play it cool, you don’t want to bring attention to yourself”, but the truth is I do.

You see it’s time to move out of zombie-ville, and I think that rocks and is all together pretty cool!

Now it’s time to connect.

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