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Quit and do something else

I’m in a dream, trying to improve my poached eggs. Don’t get it right and they’ll give me the flick. That’s right; in the dream if I don’t improve then I’ll be getting the sack. And so as a solution to my problem I resort back to my primary default mode of “try harder….”

Except… it doesn’t work. Not in the dream and definitely not in my life.

Yep, the only real solution to this problem is not the “try harder” formula but rather the “I QUIT!” remedy.

You see most of the time we are wasting it, our time, when we’re slogging it out because we’ve been told we’re suppose to, that we’ll get better and that we’ll improve.

But sometimes the best advice is to bring it to an end, the cog like actions that no longer work.

If it isn’t your track then it’s okay to get off. And then get on with finding that path that is more suited to you.

Because it’s essentially close, your path: It’s what you love. It’s what you already innately want to do. It’s what you are already called towards in all areas of your life. It’s what fires you up and leaves you turned on.

For me it’s about freedom and my ability to express. To see my kids swim or to take my wife out for a night that we will not soon forget. To share places that light me up with those I hold dear. To work with those that inspire my life. To move my body in ways that make it feel alive. And to express myself without my critic giving me an earful of advice.

So momentarily if it fits with those desires then it’s in, and if it doesn’t it’s out.

By simply knowing what it is that you really want you suddenly have the opportunity to re-orientate your life, the chance to re-orientate everything.

Rather than spending the next 20 years trying to improve eggs, do something else. Do something that means something to you.

If it’s not working jump in first, give notice and sack yourself, and get busy doing what really turns you on.

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