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Power, the New Revolution!

Taking Authority Back 

The monarchy has fallen; their castles have crumbled and we no longer believe. Gone are the days when we trusted that they held some answer we would never attain. Now? They’re just like us with their own troubles and worries. That’s the change, the responsibility that our modern lives bring as we peer into each other’s world.
But authority exists and revolution’s required.
I’m not talking about being pulled up because you ran a red light; it’s a bigger shift than that. In this revolution nothing changes but you!
The world stamps it’s authority when we feel we have nothing to give, that it’s all been done, that our voice need not be heard, and another knows best. But they can’t know best, because your life is filtered though you.
Sure you can ask for advise and get lots of help, you can reach for inspiration and find things that support what you feel. But in the end it’s only you that will ever truly know.
The old king is dead, long live the king/queen!
Now the power is with you.
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