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One Thing to Change Your Life: 4 Steps to Getting There

Not ten things, though I’m sure there are, but one, you see that’s doable.
You can focus and put time and effort into that one thing, because you’re going to need to, to master it and make it happen.
I can’t tell you what it is, that’s up to you, but whatever it is it has to matter, because it’s going to take effort.
And once you chose two parts inside of you arise: One will say, “it’s too hard” or “it’s not really worth it”. The other? It’ll say, “it’s all that there is, it’s the only thing, the only choice you have”. And then you are left to choose which one to feed.
For me it’s no longer a choice, there is no other way. In the end when I am old and tired and worn out, all that will be left is the realization that it was a good fight, a battle worth having, the battle that I had to have.

The steps to get you heading in the right direction:

1.      Ask yourself, what am I called to:

      What is it that you have always been called to, what did you love to do when you were a child? You need not do that now but it will be infused with the essence that guides you in your direction. For me it was always adventure. I loved being off on the next adventure, whether that meant a planned couple of weeks climbing out of state or as a youngster chasing my friends through the bush, or time spent up a tree, in it I found something like a peak state. Today the things that call me need to have a component of adventure.

2.      Make death your advisor:

      What would you like to say about your life at the end? What is it that you would like others to say about it? What is it that you would like your life to have been about? While the idea of death can be paralyzing it can also be freeing. Often we reach an age when it dawns on us that life isn’t forever, a turning point occurs and we are challenge to make things happen and live a life that matters.

3.      Do battle with your critic:

Acknowledge that there is a part of you that is afraid and may not want to change the status quo. At that point you have to do battle or at the very least find support for the part that wishes to grow. It’s good to get support from friends but in the end you have to believe in your vision yourself. It’s funny how it works. Once you believe in your vision the world seems to come around. The game needs to be played twice, once on the inside, then again on the out and/or vice versa.

4.     So Believe:

Believe and have faith. We are all artists whether you identify as one or not. You are the co-creator of your life as you design it with life itself. But you have to design it to fit with who you are. It’s easy to look into the world and think that’s who I should be, but that approach alone will never fully work. In the end you have to look within, find yourself, believe and then, get cracking. That’s the only one sure shot that you have.
So look within, find your thing, that one thing that you want to change or do, and get going. I can guarantee you that there will be challenges, because that’s how it works, how you get to find out who it is that you really are. And that’s what you’re here for. And that’s how the game is played.
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