and make the ordinary extraordinary

One reason to have an alcohol free day or two or ten!

Ok, so there are loads of reasons, like all the health benefits that you get, or all the time you get back not hanging your head over a bucket, or the money you save.
But there’s one particular reason that I’m interested in, and it’s this:
Reaching for an alcoholic beverage is just too easy. You crack the top and suddenly you’re away, Sunday afternoon’s done. You relax as the worrying clouds of inner criticism drift away; and that’s not all bad. In fact it’s all about getting drunk, this time without the drink. We’re not going to throw the baby out with the bath water.
You drink because it feels good or you enjoy it and there’s nothing wrong with that. But not reaching for the evening thirst-quencher may just challenge you to recreate what it is that interests you, but this time it’s going to take effort.
And that’s the crux of the matter; you have to put in effort. Rather than having that beer or wine, perhaps you run, or paint, or learn to play the piano, or have that conversation that you thought was only ever remotely possible with three beverages under your belt. Whatever it is needs to be outside your every day, out of the box, your box.
There’s nothing wrong with having a drink, if that’s what works for you. But having a day off may just challenge you to recreate your life and bring forward something new.
And I reckon that’s worth it.

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