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Once upon a time

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time; Photo by Loren Javier


Once upon a time we knew what it was that we wanted. Ask a child what they love to do and it’s unlikely that they won’t be able to give you an answer.

As we moved further into our lives it seems we forgot and followed the rules like we were suppose to. It’s not necessarily that they didn’t have our interests at heart, it’s just they didn’t know; another can’t know our full picture.

That’s the path of the hero, us, the one who knows, is born to it, but loses their way. It’s that story that’s told again and again. It’s important because it’s our story, the one in which we lose our way to find it again.

The danger then comes when we miss it, our path, and the hero stays home ignoring their dreams, visions and desires and the adventure never really begins.

You have to be aware of the signals, the direction that you are being sent, and then you have to be ready to do something and make it happen.

Our hero will always be faced with adversity, without it there’s no story, no hero, just someone living a life, and that’s not the life any of us wish to live.



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