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Not the Best Story Ever Told

In the past diet had no relationship to cancer, smoking was encouraged, avocados were bad for you, you avoided eggs, you could drink a lot of wine and drive, and the earth was flat.
Then it all changed.
I realised again today that we rarely get the best, most cutting edge information from the centre, it’s just not there; we have to go outside the square. We all know that what they were telling us is a load of crap, but we were sold a story and stopped listening to ourselves. At times the professionals can be more indoctrinated than we are as they offer us the latest in TV dinners.
But now things have changed as we live in the most wonderful of times, not because the mainstream is offering us anything better, but rather because we can read. And that doesn’t include what Brittney is having for dinner. Sure that’s fine if you’re into it, but it won’t set you free. What I reckon you need to find is find the most cutting edge, interesting, mind bending, space shifting stuff that is going to turn you back on. I was playing with UFO stuff because it pushed my mind to where it had never before gone; the final frontier. At times you need information that’ll shake you out of your box.
Yes, I’m sorry but you are going to have to read, the 6PM news just won’t cut it; that’s the same old stock standard rot that is sure to keep you plugged to the box.
The way I see it, if you want to live the most interesting exciting life possible then you have to start finding paths away from cog-dom. If you’re wild at heart, then the life of a cog will leave you feeling anything but free.  
I can hear the cries, “we know no other way”, but that is not so, it’s the mantra of the machine. You know what to do it’s that life that you dream.  
So get off that couch and live your most interesting life, the one that scares you to begin. The world is in trouble more so than when it was flat, if change is to happen it begins on the inside as we find new ways to begin, evolving outside the fixed systematic reruns.
Because they, my friend, are done!    
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